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Spike Tape

spike tape

Need an easy way to mark stage directions, call out set piece location, or identify acting areas? Cloth Spike Tape is the answer.

Available in a wide variety of colors, Spike Tape helps ensure every performance is truly flawless. Hand tearable with a smooth, controlled unwind, this Spike Tape is quick and easy to apply.

  • Roll Size: 45 yards
  • Width: 1/2 inch
  • Unit Weight: .43lbs per roll
Color Length Part Number Buy Online
Black 1/2" x 45yd 1-001-200-0000 Buy now
Blue 1/2" x 45yd 1-001-200-0004 Buy now
Brown 1/2" x 45yd 1-001-200-0005 Buy now
Gray 1/2" x 45yd 1-001-200-0006 Buy now
Green 1/2" x 45yd 1-001-200-0002 Buy now
Red 1/2" x 45yd 1-001-200-0001 Buy now
White 1/2" x 45yd 1-001-200-0003 Buy now
Yellow 1/2" x 45yd 1-001-200-0007 Buy now
Fluorescent Green 1/2" x 45yd 1-001-200-0010 Buy now
Fluorescent Orange 1/2" x 45yd 1-001-200-0011 Buy now
Fluorescent Pink 1/2" x 45yd 1-001-200-0012 Buy now
Fluorescent Yellow 1/2" x 45yd 1-001-200-0013 Buy now

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